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Door Problems

  1. My door won't go up.

    Check your springs above your door, if there is a separation along the spring, you will need to have it replaced.

    Check to make sure the opener has power.

    can you lift it manually? (pull the emergency pull cord on the opener and try lifting the door, if the door can easily be opened then you have a problem with your opener.

  2. My door is very loud

    your door should be regularly lubricated with a garage door lubricant.

    Lube your Hinges, Rollers, and the spring at the top of the door. Run your door a couple of times and the noise should decrease.

  3. Chain Drive Opener sounds like its running but nothing moves

    chain drive openers come with a gear and sprocket inside of them that does wear out and eventually will need to be replaced. When they go out, it makes the opener drive slip and does not move the chain to lift your door.

  4. Cracks in the panels

    Cracks that occur in the panels are signs that the sections need to be replaced. These Cracks will eventually get bigger and cause your door to fold in half if they grow too big.

    Many Cracks occur usually if your door gets jammed or comes off track. If this occurs please examine your door for these cracks.

  5. My Door won't go down

    Make sure nothing is in the way of your safety sensors on the bottom of the door by the tracks, 

    Make sure you have a light on both of the sensors.

    Check to see if anything is causing the door to jam up,( Example, Broom Stick on side of door)

  6. My Door is off track

    This can be cause by hitting your door, or by weakened springs causing slack in the cables.

    This should be fixed by a professional.

  7. Screw Drive opener moves but door doesn't

    Screw Drive openers have a trolly (Rack)  that moves the door back and forth. This can be worn out, It could make a very loud noise (Grinding). This can be replaced. This can be due to a heavy door, Please have a technician check this.

    Please make sure that emergency pull cord is engaged.

  8. 1 or 2 Springs???

    Many doors have 1 spring which will work. When this breaks, the side cables may fall off and the door will be very heavy, possibly leaving you trapped in your garage . Do not operate opener if this occurs, it will hurt your garage door opener.

    2 springs are recommended if you need a way out. Eventually the springs will break over time. With this set up when 1 spring goes, the other spring  will hold your cables in place and allow you to lift your door manually to get your vehicle out. Some doors may be heavier and  may need 2 people to lift the door.

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